One page high-yield handouts to help reinforce key critical care concepts

General Critical Care Concepts

Antibiotic Mechanisms
Mechanisms of action

Atypical Sedatives
Select your agent based on receptor affinity and desired effects

Aortic Stenosis
Anesthesia/critical care goals for patients with aortic stenosis

Antibiotic Spectrum
Spectrum of activity chart

ACT and Heparin Dosing
For vascular surgery

Apneic Oxygenation
Useful prior to emergency intubation / rapid sequence intubation

Central Diabetes Insipidus
Diagnosis and management

Driving Pressure
Useful for ventilator management

Glasgow Coma Scale
This is the “new” GCS

Liver Enzyme Abnormalities Evaluation
An algorithm to help sort out LFT abnormalities

O2 Extraction Ratio
An important physiological concept that can be used as a transfusion trigger

Interpretation guide for ROTEM

SOFA Score
Helps assess organ dysfunction associated with infection (predicts mortality)

Post Extubation Stridor
Risk factors and treatment options

Cosyntropin Stimulation Test
How to interpret (adrenal insufficiency)

Heparin induced thrombocytopenia

Refractory Hypoxemia (ECMO)
Steps to take when you can’t oxygenate a patient on VV-ECMO

ST vs non-ST elevation myocardial infarction

Useful to assess oxygen delivery / uptake

For reversal of rocuronium and vecuronium

Spinal Cord Syndromes
Incomplete spinal cord injuries. Anatomy and physical exam findings

TEG and the Coagulation System
Thromboelastography (TEG) and ROTEM correlations and treatment options based on the modern coagulation cascade

Drug Dosing by TBW vs IBW/AjBW
Dosing of common anesthetics by body weight

Staging and therapy for COPD patients

IM Meds for Agitation
A list of intramuscular medications that can be given when you don’t have an IV

Phenylephrine / Norepinephrine
Phenylephrine vs. norepinephrine

Quick review of assessment tools (prehospital emphasis)

REBOA Release
Physiological consequences that ensue following REBOA release

Shock Index Based Induction Drug Dosing
A nomogram to help chose the right dose for induction agents in shock

PA Catheter Cheat Sheet

Shows abnormal PA catheter waveforms as well as calculation/formulae

Critical Care Ultrasound

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